"I'd like to become your personal trainer"
Introduces Prepared Meals by
Chateau de Amethyst

The Chef, Amethyst Amorette Woodard

Because I love food, and had very little self control, I reached my heaviest weight of 307lbs.  I convinced myself I was happy, I wasn't.  I started my journey loosing weight for someone else.  In the end, I realized I had to lose weight for myself.  Two years into my journey, I graduated from Le Cordon Bleu, Pasadena, CA.  Still a lover of food, I became a certified chef and nutritionist.  I utilize prepared meals because I'm a full-time chef and a personal chef.  I don't always have time to cook after a 16 hour work day.

132lbs lost and counting

I have designed an easy system that allows you to organize your life and lose weight, using my prepared meals.  My meals are tailored for people like you, who want to lose weight, too busy to cook, foodies and workaholics.  Chateau de Amethyst is here to inspire and motivate a flavorful, healthy and balanced lifestyle.  Eating healthy doesn't have to be boring. Order your prepared meals TODAY, call or Text 909-994-7201.



ONLY $9.


1. Please allow 2-3 days for processing

2. Minimum order, 25 meals

3. Customized Meals?? Absolutely!! Additional Charge

4. FREE delivery for Basic Training Members Only

5. FREE pick up of your meals

6.  $25 delivery charge, C.O.D. (delivery within 20 miles of Mareno Valley, CA)  Shipping is also available

7.  For customized meals, or shipping your food, email Amethyst at houseofamethyst@gmail.com.

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This New Spring Menu is available now.  Please call or text number below.

To Order your prepared meals TODAY, call or Text 909-994-7201.