"I'd like to become your personal trainer"


Kristine started her Specialist Membership in March 2015.  Less than 6 weeks, great results!  Kristine was highly motivated and followed her program without missing a workout.

Kristine: "This program (Specialist Membership) has pushed me closer to my fitness goals.  The HIIT workouts that we do at the Saturday Boot Camps have helped me torch fat as well as increase my agility and endurance.

It's extremely motivating when I'm out there with the group and I see everyone is kicking butt.  During the week, Johnny helps hold me accountable with a quick text to check in on how I'm doing with my personal workout plan.  Overall, I've been getting stronger physically and mentally each day, not to mention happier!"


Carmen started her Specialist Membership in November 2013.  Because of her work schedule, she switched to a Private Membership.  It didn't matter because Carmen stuck with her personally designed workout program and achieved outstanding results.  Check out Carmen's video where she learns how to Snowboard, on the videos page.


I've only been training with Christina for a few months so we can not contribute all of her fantastic results to her time training with JohnnyTheTrainer.  I'm posting her before and after photos to show the world what is possible with dedication, perseverance, and hard work.  Note, these results were attained in less than two years.  The primary focus for Christina was weight loss, now, training with JohnnyTheTrainer, her focus is strengthening and toning.  She has already lost another 10.5 inches in her Private training sessions with JohnnyTheTrainer, 2 times a week.  Christina is well on her way to attaining all of her fitness goals.


Dr. K:Before, upon graduating dental school.

Dr. K: After.  Once Dr. K gained control of her nutrition and eating habits, her results came fast and furious.  Dr. K is committed to her health & fitness.  She utilized Private training session with JohnnyTheTrainer, 3-4 days a week for more than 4 years to achieve fantastic results.



Dr. Branks: Before.  Dr. Branks utilized Private training, 3-5 days a week to lose weight after her 3rd child (Annemarie in the backpack).  Dr. Branks has utilized Basic Training Private training for more than 17 years, to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Branks: After



Miss Diamond Bar 2013
Annemarie (That's right, the kid in the backpack)

Annemarie, then 18 years old, was 6 months old when I began training her mother, Dr. Branks.  Now she utilized Private training sessions to increase her strength, stamina and overall athleticism, as Captian of Diamond Bar Cross Country.  Then Annemarie went on to participate in Miss Teen California and "WIN" Miss Diamond Bar, while training with JohnnyTheTrainer, 2-3 days per week.


Loryn, Varsity Captain for St. Lucy's High School Volleyball. Loryn first began training with JohnnyTheTrainer when she was 9 years old, along with her sister. Now 17, Loryn signed a letter of intent and will attend the University of Irvine, California in the fall of 2016.  The first team Baseline League 2014 & 2015, first team all Sierra League 2013, Team MVP 2015, All CIF 2014, two time San Gabriel Valley Player of the Week, is currently strength training with JohnnyTheTrainer, 2-3 times a week to prepare for the upcoming season at UCI.


Merv Before: After experiencing some health issues, Merv utilized Private training sessions to help jump-start his lifestyle change only training once per week.  I designed and help implement an In-Home fitness program for Merv and his family.


Merv After: By jump-starting his fitness program with Private training, Merv has since taken his health & fitness to new heights.  Here he is completing the Chicago Marathon in 2011.  This is one of many marathons and half marathons Merv has completed.


Brenda, Glenda, Shannon, hired JohnnyTheTrainer to prepare for a half marathon.  This awesome trio was part of a group of 5 who utilized the Private group training program.

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